Saturday, November 12, 2011

amazing saturday adventures

Guess what I did today! And if you follow me on twitter or Facebook, then you probably already know. But I went to an open casting call for The Amazing Race!  I've talked about being on The Amazing Race for YEARS! (edit: WOW, could I have used any more exclamation points? Excited much?) I always joke with my friend David that if I were to go on the show, I'd have to learn stick because they ALWAYS drive manual cars when they're in foreign countries. Actually, I first wanted to be on Road Rules but then they canceled it, and besides, MTV doesn't cast anyone over the age of 22 for their shows. Anyway, I digress.. 

Doors opened at 9am and the website said explicitly that there was NO overnight camping and that no one would be allowed on the premises until 8:30am. When we got there at around 8:15 there were already around 100 people in line. We overheard people saying that others had camped out and security guards left them because "there weren't too many". It was annoying and a bit unfair - especially since it was REALLY cold this morning. Luckily, Luella and I made some friends and it did warm up a lot.

Most of the morning was spent standing in line, chatting with the people around us, and listening to music on my iPhone. By the time we got inside people were wrapped all the way around the building. And to give reference, it's a rather large furniture store - so try to imagine how many people were there to create such a line. This is just the line of people on one side of the building:


Lu and I decided to wear our kickball t-shirts, since that is how we first met, as well as baseball hats for our respective teams (she represented the Sox, while I obviously wore my Yanks garb) to make a statement. Walking to the back of the line, we got a few comments from people who said "Nice hats.. that's a pretty good idea". The point is to get noticed, right?

My head is not that big, my cap was just falling off!
After almost three hours of waiting, we finally made it inside! We handed over our waivers and were given the number 3 (the camera we were supposed to go to). The woman gave us a quick rundown - we had ONE MINUTE to state our case. We had to start with our names, and then we could say whatever we wanted. The minute went by SO quickly, I barely remember what we said. We did talk about how we'd be great on the show because we push one another and when all else fails, that we are able to laugh at ourselves and our situations. We gave it our best shot in the time we had, and even though I'm sure we won't get called, it was still a ton of fun.

Have you ever tried our for a reality tv show? Or know anyone who has been on one? Tell me about it!

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