Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tell by my attitude that i'm most definitely from NY

I made an impromptu trip down to New York this weekend. The goal was to go to Game 2 of the ALDS (GO YANKEES!) and of course, see my family. Within the span of a couple of hours I had coordinated the schedules and transportation for my dad and two brothers, purchased the tickets, booked a bus ticket, and even figured out the outfit I'd wear to the game. Event planning guru, at your service. Of course, Friday's game was rained out so game two was moved from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon. This threw a bit of a wrench in the plans because it meant that I'd have to leave early to catch my 8:10pm bus because the only other option was 11:00pm. Getting off a bus at 3:30am before a full day of work? NO THANK YOU.

The bus ride down was fairly uneventful. I bet it helped that I had something pretty awesome to look forward to.. dinner with one of my faves, Natalie. It's been so long since we've seen each other in person that I made sure to send a picture in advance to avoid the awkwardness of her not recognizing me (KIDDING, but I did still send this picture). We had a lovely evening of sushi, ice cream, and me almost getting punched in the face by a stranger for being a sassy bitch. Pretty much par for the course, I'd say.

The game on Sunday was amazing. And not because the Yankees won (they didn't), and not because the new stadium is epic (it is). It was fantastic because I was able to spend time with my dad and brothers, something I don't get to do all that much of due to living 220 miles away. It almost made up for the heinous ride back to Boston. I was a zombie on Monday morning but it was definitely worth it.

What can I say? I'm a total daddy's girl..

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