Sunday, October 30, 2011

remember that time it snowed in october?

Remember how I said I was falling in love with Boston all over again? Yea. That was before it snowed. IN OCTOBER. I spent most of yesterday holed up in my apartment, nursing a hangover (thank you celebratory beers and gin-based drinks, you served me well). I decided to venture out last night to get the ingredients for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and this is what I found:


But, in case you were wondering, the cookies were totally worth it. It took everything I had not to dive face first into the cookie dough. Oh wait, I did do that.. but just for a second!

I was offered a free bib to the Superhero 5k race and decided, on a whim, to take it. Just three weeks ago I ran the Tufts 10k and I was so worried about being hot and getting a sunburn, as it was over 80 degrees. I remember running the race and being agitated that I was wearing a t-shirt instead of a tank top. And today I had to figure out how many layers I would need in order to run a 5k when the realfeel was TWENTY DEGREES. Yes, you read correctly. Below freezing. On October 30th.

I woke up this morning, freezing and with oatmeal cookie crumbs all over my face. Yea, this girl went hard in the kitchen last night. I decided on tights, a tank a short sleeved shirt, sleeves, Lululemon pullover, ear warmers and a hat. I decided at the last minute to ditch the sleeves and gave them to my friend Laura to wear. Despite the frigid temps, I ended up being WAY too warm. I haven't run in these temperatures in a long time. I think that my fear of freezing to death made me forget that I like to be a little chilly and that my body gets REALLY warm when I run.

The race was a ton of fun - there were a lot of really great costumes out there. Laura and I decided that we were going to treat this as a fun run with no pressure. We also decided, at the last minute, to wear our respective baseball team hats. We went as good and evil, but who is good and who is evil is definitely still up for debate:

Guess my superhero powers interfered with my camera

We kept a comfortable pace and our splits were 10:14, 10:28 and 10:00. I'm still in awe every time I run and there's no knee pain. I LOVE being able to say that! This 5k was nowhere near a PR, but I'm getting stronger every day. And with that, I'm off to eat some more chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

How was your Halloweekend?

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