Tuesday, October 25, 2011

god almighty i'm free at last

If you follow me on Twitter, you know how stressed and upset I've been recently in regards to my job. And it's only gotten worse recently -- to the point where I was really questioning my job security. This led me to apply to as many jobs as I could find, because even a crappy job would have been better than no job. Last Monday morning, I received a call asking me to come in for an interview that day. From there everything happened at lightning speed. I was offered (and accepted!) the job yesterday afternoon and gave my two weeks notice today. It actually went much better than expected, and just as I thought, word traveled around the office quicker than the speed of light. My new job needs me right away, so unfortunately I won't get to take a break, but I'm hoping to take some time between Christmas and New Years Eve to relax and recharge.

Three cheers for new jobs! And even MORE for ones that offer you a 15% raise. BOOYAH.

 In other, less exciting news, I'm in love with my iPhone. But more than that, I am flippin' UHHB-SESSED with instagram. I will not lie - before I got this phone I was all "WHY DO PEOPLE POST ALL OF THESE STUPID PICTURES?!", and then I downloaded the app and and I fell in love within minutes. So, instead of writing all about what I did with the rest of my weekend (other than getting drunk and putting on a lion costume). I have to tell you, I am falling in love with Boston all over again. Don't worry, it's just a side-effect of autumn. As soon as the blizzards come I will retract that statement and threaten to move to California.

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