Sunday, September 18, 2011

race report: mmrf 5k

Back before I knew I needed surgery, and everyone was trying to put me off from the idea of getting an MRI, my doctors all thought I had a hamstring strain. I thought that I'd be up and running by September 17 - the date of the MMRF Race for Research 5k - because that that point it seemed so far away. As I've explained before, this race has a very special place in my heart, as my uncle passed away from complications of multiple myeloma back in June 2009. This was the fourth year that I would be participating in the race but being only 3 weeks (and one day!) post-op, I knew that running was likely not going to happen. So I talked to my fellow LUNA Chix, Danielle and Ashley (who had signed up as well) and we decided that we could power walk the race.

I love doing 5k's in South Boston. The route that this race takes is an out and back along the water. And the crowd this year was bigger and more excited than ever. There were many runners, but there were also tons of walkers who were there in honor of their loved ones. We laughed and chatted the entire race, something that I don't normally have the breath for when I'm actually running in a race. We had made an arbitrary goal to finish in 45 minutes - sure, why not!' But wait, not before we snapped a picture or two:

After the halfway point, we decided to try doing some intervals. It was decided that if I, the surgeried one, could run for 5 minutes at a time, then Danielle and Ashley had to as well. And you know what? I ran for 5 minutes! Twice! Seems silly to be excited about that, but it felt so good to be moving again. There was some slight pain in the front of my knee, but it seemed to be right near my incisions and I have a feeling it could be some scar tissue or residual swelling. We crossed the finish line laughing, holding hands and in 44:00 minutes. YEA BOY. And then we celebrated by taking more pictures. Because you know what? Completing a 5k a mere 22 days after knee surgery is a big deal.

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