Monday, September 26, 2011

music makes me lose control

I haven't been to the gym all that much since the injury almost four months ago. I tried to stay active with biking and swimming, but it meant that Peter Gabriel (my iPod shuffle) has been mostly unused for that period. Funny how the lack of shuffle usage is directly linked with the tightness , but I digress.. I found out last week that I can start running again (slowly, with walking breaks, blah blah blah)!! To celebrate, yesterday I went out and bought some sweet new running sneakers and decided to give the Gabe some much-deserved love. I spent a couple of hours downloading new songs and making sure that every song on my shuffle was awesome.

And with that, I wanted to share my ultimate running playlist. Don't judge me too harshly (Willow Smith. Whatever, I like to whip my hair back and forth). But I want to know what your favorite workout/running songs. You know, the songs that keep you pumped when you're exhausted, thirsty and have had to pee for an hour. Spill it!


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