Tuesday, September 13, 2011

i'm (no longer surgically) a mess part 10!

Has it seriously been almost three weeks since my surgery? Damn, time sure does fly.

Today marks an epic day. Partly because I had my stitches removed! Any day that I get to see my dreamy orthopedic surgeon is splendid, even if he is coming at me with scissors. He seemed pretty impressed that I was walking so well, and said that the swelling in my knee is mostly gone. Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to ask "So doc, when can I run again?". He told me that in a week or so I can venture onto the treadmill or a rubberized track and give it a try. I think that the words "TAKE IT EASY" and "GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK" were said approximately one hundred times each.

world's ugliest knee and it's all mine bitches!

BUT! That's not even the best part of the day. It is the first day since May 25 that I have not had ANY knee pain. NO. KNEE. PAIN. AT. ALL. It was nothing short of amazing. My knee isn't perfect, and I'd say a ACL graft and lacking a large chunk of my lateral meniscus means that it never will be. But being pain free for the first time in almost four months gives me hope that I'm going to be okay. Well, physically at least. Mentally I will probably always be a little wacky. Just the way I like it.

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