Friday, September 16, 2011

cardigan love

Sorry about the tons of random dress posts. I didn't realize that it was doing so directly from polyvore. Thanks for all of the heads up and I've finally sorted it out! Thanks all.  --

I mentioned my fall shopping on twitter today and I've gotten a few requests to post what I am/will be wearing. To be honest, I am no fashionista, and I do mostly dress for comfort, but I have my shining moments. And since anyone who knows me knows that I am a whore to cardigans, I decided to there. I've also realized that there are some that I've had for YEARS and it's obvious that their time has come and gone. I suppose that means I'll have to do some shopping. You know what? Life is tough sometimes.

I know that it's fall and that means neutrals but I am LOVING colors such as bright orange and pink as well. I'm also totally feeling things that look textured. I actually bought three of these cardigans today, thank you J.Crew! I'm the soon-to-be proud owner of the pink (top row), striped (second row) and green zip up (second row). The problem with online shopping is that I can't have them RIGHT AWAY. I'm so impatient.

So, what do you think? What are YOU going to be wearing this fall?
cardigan love

$465 -

J Crew cable sweater
$325 -

Button front cardigan
$111 -

$118 -

Draped top
$75 -

J crew cardigan
$42 -

Heart sweater
$65 -

Zara short sweater
$60 -

$42 -

Forever21 knit top
$35 -

Forever21 striped top
$12 -

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