Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last week I decided that I needed an adventure. After a quick post on Facebook, some internet sleuthing, and an email to my physical therapist, it was decided that my friend Laura and I would drive down the Cape Cod for a ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It's a 28 mile path that runs from Dennis to Wellfleet.

We biked from Dennis and all the way through to Orleans. BAD ASS!
When my phyiscal therapist said "SURE! You can totally bike, just stretch and ice before and after," I don't quite think she realized what I'd be doing. And what did I end up doing, do you ask? Oh, well, first we rode for 15 miles. That was pretty awesome. And then we stopped at this amazing taqueria called El Guapo's. Because you know what? When you're halfway through a 30 mile ride you have absolutely earned a chicken taco and sangria that you drink out of a Pepsi cup.

There was also live music, which was great to listen to while we relaxed (and drank)

And a chalkboard where I was able to display my love for both Laura and the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

We left feeling refreshed, and probably slightly tipsy. As we hopped back on our bikes, giggling like fools, Laura aptly said "We have 8 miles to sober up!". Actually, it ended up being 15, because I decided that if we had driven all this way then we should definitely end on a nice even mileage of 30. Logical, right? Especially 15 days post-op. While I felt great in terms of my knee for most of the ride, by the last five miles I was definitely lagging energy-wise. My PT had also slightly killed me the day before with squats and lunges and I was feeling it in every part of my leg. As much as I was sad for the ride to end, I was very excited to make it back to the car. Despite being exhausted on the way home, we managed to have an epic Mariah Carey-a-thon.Our conclusion? There's no such thing as too much Mariah. Ever.

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