Friday, August 26, 2011


I survived my knee surgery. It went pretty much perfectly - there was a pretty significant tear in my meniscus that had rolled up and was catching in my knee every time I bent. This is what we think was causing most of my pain. My surgeon took out what he needed to and shaved down the rest. There is actually still a small tear left, but because of where it's placed, he decided that it would be better for my long-term prognosis if he left it.

I'll give you all a more detailed update but for now I'm eating some popsicles and waiting for my percoset to kick in so I'll leave you with this gem:

Right after this picture I managed to take out an entire display of Goldfish crackers and almost hit a mother who was holding her small child. Sorry, I really shouldn't have been responsible for my actions when my system has been bombarded with anesthesia and percoset. 

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