Wednesday, August 24, 2011

dear running,

I don't know how to say this but.. I've been cheating on you. I know! I'm a total jerk! It only started after my injury (which, I'm going to go ahead and blame on you). I mean, it's your fault that I fell in love with you, and the reason why so much of my identity has wrapped up in being a runner. Without you I had a void to fill, because I was eating my feelings, and my pants were getting tight and it was just bad news bears for me.

We couldn't hang out and there were all of these other exercises that tempted me. First there was Core Fusion. That saucy, expensive minx. I love the instructors, the facilities and the fact that I can touch the floor of the shower without worrying about coming home with some sort of fungus. Don't get me wrong, I really love this class and it hurts so good but, it not the kind of workout I can do three, four, or five days a week.

There was a dalliance with yoga. There were a few different kinds.. power, heated, vinyasa, forest.. Okay, I admit it - I got a little slutty with the yoga. They were great, and pigeon pose feels oh so good on my tense IT bands. It was a short-lived affair, yoga just couldn't hold my attention the way you could.

The allure of the pool was strong.. for a short time. I hadn't swam with any regularity since middle school and it felt exhilarating to get back into the pool. It didn't hurt to find out that I had maintained some (very basic) level of skill. I tried different workouts but eventually became bored, and found excuses to skip my morning (and afternoon) swims. Plus, the chlorine wreaked havoc on my hair and skin.

The worst betrayal by far has been cycling. That vicious hussy has given me bruises and I even thought that I had broken my sit bones after an unfortunate mishap at a stoplight yesterday. But the bike was free and it's really made my commute to and from work enjoyable and short (how often can you say that?!). It also doesn't hurt my knee the way you do. Cycling through the streets of Somerville and Cambridge is scary, challenging and tons of fun. It's also something that I can do on my own or with my friends. Out of all the activities I've tried in the last three months, cycling is the only thing that's come close to you.

So running, my love, that's all there is. You'll always be number one in my heart. You may just need to share me with cycling after my surgery. I hope that you're not against the idea of an open relationship. Don't worry, I'll always wear protection. Get your mind out of the gutter, I meant a helmet!


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