Monday, August 15, 2011

being impatient pays off!

I got a call this morning saying that there had a been a cancellation and did I want to move my surgery up two weeks? What sort of question was that? I answered "HELL YES - I mean, uh, yes please". I resisted the urge to add a WHOO HOO to the end of that sentence.  I told my mom that I was moving the surgery up, and that I really appreciated her offering to come help, but if her schedule wouldn't allow it then I understood. I made sure to add that I had friends who had offered to take me to/from surgery because apparently when you have anesthesia they won't release you to a cab driver. Who knew?

So now not only is my mother coming up - but she's bringing my father. And they're staying with me. In my studio apartment. On an air mattress. My mom mentioned something about staying for a week and I reacted physically by shuddering. My entire body just about heaved. I cannot survive a week in my apartment with TWO other people.Whom I am related to. But I figure I'll probably be drugged for the first few days and then I get to return to work. There should be minimal bloodshed.

All joking aside, I love that my parents are willing to put their lives on hold to come and take care of me for what is a pretty routine knee surgery. I'm really lucky to have them, even if my mother says things like "you're not going to run anymore, right? I mean, running is what caused this injury, right?".

Eleven days, folks.

Think that I can get my mom to do my laundry while she's in town? Does that fall into the category of "motherly responsibility" or "taking advantage"? I can't decide..

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