Wednesday, August 10, 2011

as easy as riding a bike

A few weeks ago I tweeted about wanting to get a bike. Shortly after my buddy Michelle let me know that she was getting rid of one that she'd been gifted. Seemed like fate to me! So I picked up the bike and in true j. fashion it sat in my (very tiny) apartment for a couple of weeks before I had the time and/or motivation to get it checked out. You know what? I like to do things on my own timeline, so sue me. Anyway, I brought it to the bike shop and I was told that it was in pretty good condition - it will eventually need new brakes but for now I got by with a new chain and one tire. I also purchased myself a sweet helmet (my brain is too valuable to risk) and lock (because people are filthy thieves).

So yesterday morning I had the bright idea to commute to/from work on my bike. I mean, I haven't ridden in ten years, might as well jump right in to rush hour traffic, right? With the encouragement of my twitter friends and a total lack of rational thinking, I decided to go for it. It was pretty frightening at first, but as soon as I reached the bike lane I started to gain some more confidence. I almost got hit by a truck at one point but I ended up being totally fine! I have to get better at restarting after being at a light, but I think that's something that comes with practice. Let me tell you, Somerville/Cambridge drivers are PSYCHOPATHS (I should know, as I am one of them) - but I think I held my own pretty well for the first day. Another bonus is that biking doesn't aggravate my torn meniscus, and my ortho said I can do it as much as I want until my surgery.

Yesterday I rocked leggings and a Jansport backpack that my mom bought me before my freshman year of college.  So my questions for you bikers out there - what do you wear when you bike? Do you have any snazzy accessories that you'd like to share? How do you not wobble like a jackass when trying to restart yourself after waiting for a stoplight? All very important questions.

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