Tuesday, July 12, 2011

to tri or not to tri

That is the question.

I have not run in seven weeks. It's the longest I've gone without lacing up my running sneakers since I started running. I've gone through the gamut of emotions - anger, sadness, and a whole lot of bitterness. I'm feeling a lot more positive these days, although I do scowl when runners speed by me. It's really frustrating that the best guess of what's wrong with me is that it's hamstring strain. And that's not even confirmed. But I've tried my hardest to be proactive about my injury - I'm doing physical therapy twice a week, doing my exercises and stretches (almost) every day. Hell, I'm even going to an acupuncturist. And she puts needles IN MY EARS. It's weird. And I don't know if I feel a difference but I'm going to keep going because, well, I have a lot of free time now that I'm not running.

During my forced running hiatus, I have (re)discovered that I'm a decent swimmer. I was a pretty bad ass swimmer back in middle school. No joke! I was the anchor of the free style relay. That's about the last time I swam competitively and with any sort of purpose. These days I'm not going to shatter any time records, but I can hold my own in the water. My form needs some work, but I think that I have a decent endurance base. I did a mile open water swim with Jul while we were in Maine. I was pretty damn slow, but I survived, even if I did almost puke when I found myself surrounded by a large amount of seaweed. With some consistency and drills, I could probably improve pretty quickly.

That just leads me to the bike. I don't own one (anymore), and honestly the idea of riding on Boston streets is a frightening thought. I don't even know what kind of bike I'd buy, how much I should be looking to spend, or if I'd even enjoy it. I also just find myself crippled with self-doubt. Can I do a triathlon? Will I find myself with more injuries? On the flip side, I never thought I'd complete (and survive) a marathon and I managed to get that done.

Talk to me about your first triathlon.. how did you train? Did you want to die? What should I expect? This is of course IF I decide to do it. I haven't made any decisions (you year that Jul?!)

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