Tuesday, July 5, 2011

summertime and the living's easy

Vacation is officially over. I am back to work (and pretty miserable about it). I had such an amazing time in Chicago and Maine. I don't even care that my entire body is molting from the sunburn I got while in Chicago, or that my left leg is totally cut up from my run-in with some nasty barnacles -- it was a wonderful vacation. Just warning you that this blog entry is probably entirely too long and has about 20 too many photos but I think they're pretty awesome ones if I do say so myself, so I hope you don't hate them.

I arrived in Chicago early Wednesday morning. Jess was kind enough to pick me up from the airport and as a surprise she brought Elizabeth with her! We decided to grab some lunch at a Mexican joint -- two (or was it three?) pitchers or margaritas and a shot of tequila later, i found myself to be rather tipsy. OKAY, I admit it! I was day drunk.. so sue me.
Exhibit A

Other fun Chi-town activities included: attending a BBQ, going to a Core Fusion cardio class, eating cupcakes, doing a ridiculous beach workout, making new friends whilst shoe shopping, watching the gay pride parade from a sweet rooftop (which, of course, was the cause of my epic sunburn). It was a really fun and relaxing visit, and I can't wait to go back! Here are some more pictures from part uno of the vacation extravaganza:

After saying goodbye to Jess, Elizabeth and Chicago, I headed back to Boston for two short days. In that time I had two physical therapy appointments (more on that in another entry), and dropped off my car for what turned out to be an almost $600 repair. I'm so glad that I bleed money. Anyway.. Jules picked me up on Thursday afternoon and we made our way up to Maine. We took the 5:00pm ferry from South Freeport and finally we had arrived at Bustins Island.. TA-DA!

Being on the island was definitely an experience. I learned all about using rain water showers and compost toilets (which felt a little bit like using a litter box..). Juls and I woke up every morning with nothing to do except to just.. relax -- something I most definitely needed. I did my first open water swim, about a mile around part of the island. I did pretty well, albeit verrry slow. And I did swallow a crap ton of salt water and almost lost my mind when I found myself in the middle of a huge bunch of seaweed. Oh, and I did manage to cut my entire leg. Damn barnacles. Here are some more scenic shots of the island:

On Saturday Danielle joined us on the island, and she brought some pals along with her! Their names? Claude, Rupert and Norman:

Sorry guys.. you were sacrificed for a good cause aka Julia's birthday dinner! 

We played bocce, drank wine (until Juls' grandmother hid it from us), made homemade ice cream (which I almost broke because it's apparently not made for left-handed individuals, go figure), ate funfetti birthday cake!, drank wine while laying on the golf course and staring at the stars, and laughing uncontrollably over sustantial ball sacks (I'm going to go ahead and take credit for that one). 

We left the island on Sunday afternoon and made our way back to the mainland. We headed to Portland, where there was a barbeque at Danielle's house. We listened to the ultimate America mixed CD, played washers (think bag but with.. big washers - it's awesome), and drank tons of gin (oh wait, that was me).

stolen from danielle!
Thank goodness I'm sidelined and wasn't registered for the LL Bean 10k that took place yesterday. Because let me tell you, I was feeling pretty rough. I'm going to blame the gin and just under three hours of sleep for that one. I was very excited to enter my apartment yesterday afternoon, not to mention exhausted. Of course I woke up this morning missing my friends and wishing that I could have had just a few more days to spend with them. I guess this jst means I need to plan a few more vacations, right?

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