Friday, July 15, 2011

i'm a f*&#ing mess pt 5

Are you all as sick of reading about my injury as I am with having one? PROBABLY. Am I going to write more about it anyway? Yes indeedy.

I had a follow up appointment with my orthopedist yesterday. Let me tell you, I am pretty sick of every medical professional looking at me, shrugging their shoulders and saying "wow, your injury is SO confusing!". But I guess that's another problem entirely. Anyway, Dr. F. suggested that we get a third opinion (aside from him and my PT) just to see if there's something they could be missing. That opinion would be coming from Dr. S - an orthopedic surgeon. He tried to make it very clear that he didn't want me to think that I would definitely need surgery, just that he wants more opinions.

I couldn't get an appointment with Dr. S until the beginning of August, which I find really frustrating. The next step after that, if I'm still not better, would be an MRI. Speaking of which, I've been on hold for twenty minutes with my surgeon's office to find out what screws were used during my ACL reconstruction. An employee came on the phone and said "Yea, I think you're okay to get an MRI". She also sounded agitated when I insist that she check. It would be really counter-productive to get an MRI if it will do nothing except pull the screws out of my knee. Not to mention REALLY FREAKING PAINFUL.

This afternoon also marked my third week/sixth session with Susanah, my physical therapist. We did a little check-in and she said that I have made some gains in terms of strength. She measured my calves (how far I could flex them) again and my right was at a 9, is now a 10, whereas the left was at a 15 and is now a 16. For the record, both should be at a 20, so I have a long way to go in loosening up those bad boys. In terms of the pain - I feel it less often, but with the same intensity. Susanah says I should see that as a step in the right direction but I'm having a hard time believing that's something positive.

So, I'm going to continue with my PT (as long as my insurance approves another 8 sessions), my acupuncture, and revel in the fact that I'm allowed to (cautiously) add yoga and Core Fusion back into my life. Still not running, though. In fact, my PT actually said "I want to reiterate - YOU. CANNOT. RUN. YET. Okeydoke?". I just want to be better - I want to have a full day where I don't have any pain, or worry about having pain, or wondering when the pain will return. At least I can feel confident that I am doing everything I possibly can to get better. I wish that made me feel better.

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