Saturday, July 9, 2011

family matters

My family never visits me. The last time my parents were here was to move my into my apartment last July. My older brother hasn't been here since my senior year of college, and my younger brother hasn't visited since they moved me into my freshman year dorm. Whenever I mention it my mom gets defensive and says my dad works almost every day and it's hard to make the 210 mile trip, but it's a tremendous sore point for me.

This morning I wake up and see my little brother's status "Newport for the day with pops", and my head just about exploded. Really? Newport? It's an HOUR AND A HALF away from Boston. They will drive to Rhode Island for the day but not to Boston to see me? I decided to take the very mature way and started a text fight with my brother. He let me know that I'm the "one who lives forever awasy, not them". I wasn't aware that living in Boston meant that I shouldn't ever get to see my family except when I drive to New York. Maybe if I'd known that I could have saved myself some serious grief.

Then I call my mom and - immediately - start bawling. I tell her that my feelings are hurt that they would drive all that way for the tennis hall of fame, but never to come see me. She gave me some half-assed apology and told me they'd come to see me soon. I got angry and replied "Don't bother, I will just see you guys at Thanksgiving, that's the next holiday, right?". I had to hang up shortly after because I was getting too choked up.

I'm feeling so incredibly hurt. It's a really awful to feel like your family just.. doesn't care. Granted, I could go back home to see them more often, but would it kill them to come visit me where I live? It's not as though I'm here on vacation - my life is in Boston, and they're not a part of that at all. I know that you're all probably reading this thinking that it's really petty but I'm upset and angry and I don't think I'll be ready to talk to them for a while.

Make me feel better - tell me about your family and how dramatic/ridiculous/mean/whatever they are.

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