Wednesday, June 15, 2011

sisterhood of the traveling cardigans

I have a lot of cardigans. some are long, others are short. Some are brightly colored, others are neutral. Some are v-neck, others are crew neck. Once I drunkenly walked from my apartment back to the bar (almost two miles) to retrieve one of my favorite cardigans. But not before calling the bar and yelling "IF SOMEONE WALKS OUT WITH MY JCREW JACKIE CARDIGAN IN PETUNIA THEN I AM GOING TO SMASH A BOTTLE".What can I say? If you didn't already know how classy I am.. well.. now you do.

Oh the places my cardigans have gone..

Walt Disney World
Ladies Nights
Lobster Bakes
Red Sox Games
Holday Parties
Drunk on St. Patty's Day
On the Cape.. doing booty dances
Montreal.. wasted
St. Patty's Day. Drunk.. Again
San Francisco!
Church.. for three hours. WHAT?
The Museum of Natural History.. Eatin' da world.

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