Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i'm still a mess part 4

Yep, I'm still injured. The last I wrote about the subject was after I'd gone to the Chiropractor. Last week I went to the orthopedist where he gave me a full leg examination and even took some x-rays. There was a little swelling/fluid behind my knee but other than that, he couldn't feel anything physically wrong with it. Graft seems solid, and it's probably not a meniscus tear or anything of that nature. He told me to start physical therapy and come back in a month for an MRI if I'm not improving.

I met with my physical therapist, Susanah, yesterday. She moved my leg around in a million positions and her best guess is that it's a strained hamstring. My IT bands, quads AND calves are all incredibly tight (that's what she said? Oh.. sorry) - but she's not sure if that's a result or a cause of the hamstring issue. The plan of attack is to focus on both working on my extremely tight muscles as well as  strengthening my legs and core. Since I'm heading to Maine tomorrow for the long weekend, she had me come in today so we could do some massage and stretching. I really like my PT - she's friendly and chatty, and like me, she's a runner!

Susanah did say that she thinks that the reason why my pain hasn't gotten any better over the last month is that I've probably been pushing myself too hard. I'm not running - but I have been doing plenty of other activities that have hindered my recovery. I also have a pretty high pain threshold and have basically been ignoring the pain during most of my workouts. I now have a (short) list of activities that I'm allowed to do: swimming, biking and the elliptical. Yay? No yoga. No Core Fusion. No fighter fitness. TRIPLE BOO.

Tomorrow I leave for part two of my vacation. Chicago was part one, and tomorrow I head up to Maine with Juls. Looking forward to relaxing, evening out my awful tan, sleeping and reading. Happy and healthy Fourth of July!

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