Friday, June 10, 2011

i should blog about something other than my knee

I really wanted to blog about the time that I got pink eye, got better, got it again, and then had an allergic reaction to the drops my mom gave me. But apparently I already did so, back in April 2009. I'm sort of disappointed because it's a hilarious story (as most are when my mother is involved).

Instead I'll share with you a little something that I've discovered. You know the new J-Lo (or is she going by Jennifer Lopez again? Who cares?) song? Yea, this one:

When I heard the song for the first time I recognized the back beat. It took me but a second to figure it out. Oh yea, it comes from this cinematic masterpiece which you've probably never seen but I had on VHS:

Yes, the movie is called The Forbidden Dance. Pay close attention to the trailer - and be careful, because passion has a rhythm all its own. I'd say that you should watch it except it's totally awful, and probably has never been released on DVD. You can thank me later.

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