Sunday, May 8, 2011


I totally have a good reason for disappearing from the blog. Life is sort of sucky right now. I am planning a dinner and meeting that's incredibly important to all of the incredibly important people at work. The venue for the meeting was changed on Thursday. The meeting is.. you know.. this Thursday. So I have to do in one week what it took me eight months to plan for the other location. I had to give up part of my friend's bachelorette party to come in on Saturday, and then I dragged my exhausted, slightly hungover ass, there tonight to make phone calls to attendees in Asia and India.

As a result of that suckage, I just haven't had the time or energy to write. Also, I'm not very funny these days. My tweets are filled with expletives and I'm having vivid nightmares about quitting, punching my coworkers in the face, and punting my computer into the Charles river.

But you know what made me happy? I mean, other than drinking with my girls and watching my friend get her ass smacked by a tranny at Jacque's? Yea... THESE BAD BOYS:


They're gold. And they're gaudy. And they're ALL MINE. 

Yea, I'm materialistic and my moods can be altered by certain purchases. WHATEVER. Haters to the left. I'm going to be wearing my boat shoes and you can't stop me.

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