Tuesday, May 31, 2011

it's a small world after all

Last week I went to a Yelp event (don't judge) with a friend of mine. As I was stuffing my face with free sliders and sucking down a chocolate martini, she introduced me to one of her pals. We chatted for a little while before he tells me that I look familiar. We go through all of the ways we could know each other - college? No. Work? Nope. Hometown? Nah. Finally I say, "Hey! Let's see if we have any mutual Facebook friends!". He starts entering my name into his phone and my gchat photos pops up. He looks at me and says "Oh..."

So, apparently we "met" from Match.com back in April 2007, exchanged some emails and had made plans to meet up. The last email I sent was me flaking, saying that I wasn't feeling well. He then responded that it was no problem and we could reschedule and to just let him know when. Aaaand that was the last email. I tried to think back to that time, and it must have been when I started dating my douchetard ex, the one who peed on my foot and whose parents called me a slut. Oh yea, good times! Clearly picked a winner there.

So, Match.com dude looks at me and says "What are the chances?!" and I couldn't stop from saying "In your life? Maybe slim. In mine? Totally normal and expected".

Welcome to my life.

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