Monday, April 4, 2011

california love

I spent the early part of last week being concussed. And then I had one monster day in the office. Then I spent the rest of the week and this weekend out on the west coast. So it's been a pretty insane seven days.I really, REALLY love northern California. The weather is beautiful, the scenery is awesome.. Remind me why I came back to Boston again? Oh right, because I live here. A place where an April snowstorm isn't even that surprising. I'm going to blog in more detail about my the weekend and LUNA Chix Summit but I took the red eye back to Boston and my brain is in no condition for thinkin'. So right now you get pictures, although most of you saw them as I posted them on Twitter and Facebook. Sucks for you to have to look at them again!

The best picture of the bunch and possibly ever in my entire life:

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