Sunday, April 17, 2011


I would like to think that I am a totally self-sufficient adult.

Except that I cry, a LOT, when I get stressed or upset.

When my apartment was robbed I had a panic attack and made my mom drive five hours from the Catskills to help me do simple things like get renter's insurance and open a new bank account. When my alternator died and the wheels on my car were stolen (YEA SAME DAY), I freaked out and made my dad take care of it from New York. When my alternator went AGAIN two years later, I called my dad no less than 20 times. Earlier this week my iPod gave me a red X and stopped working. I'd been really stressed because of work and it set me off on a two hour crying fit. Not really the most mature way for a grown ass woman to act.

So let me set the scene -- I am driving through a creepy-ass industrial area and BAAAAAMMMM. Biggest. Pot. Hole. Ever. A nanosecond after I hit it, I just knew. So I pulled over and yep, my tire was shredded. Normally this sort of situation would cause me to lose my shit and just.. you guessed it, cry! BUT! I didn't. I got my shit together, made some calls, and settled in and waited for help to arrive. In the meantime a cop car drove right by me. Nice, guys. Thanks for checking to make sure I wasn't unconscious in my car. Somehow, an employee from a nearby Honda dealership happened upon me, pulled over and offered to help. The shredded tire was removed and my car has a donut until I can bring it to be fixed on Tuesday morning. It may sound very trivial - but I'm proud of myself for not going to pieces. I was literally hanging out in my car and singing off-key to Glee when there was a knock on my window asking if I needed help.

Maybe this means I'm one step closer to being an actual adult. I mean, real grown ups deal with crappy situations without freaking out and calling their parents to take care of it, right? So add "learn how to change a flat tire" on the list of things to do. It could take a while, I did just learn how to check the air pressure in my tire about six months ago..

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