Thursday, March 24, 2011

you're doing it wrong

To the men of the world:

I'd like to drop some super awesome knowledge on you: YOU'RE. DOING. IT. WRONG.

If you tell a woman that you've had feelings for her for years, are aware that she's recently ended things with a dude and that she's coming to your St. Patrick's Day party - then you probably shouldn't make out with her friend. When she's sitting on the couch across from you. If you're actually interested in her, then perhaps it's not a wise decision. She will almost throw up in her mouth when you later try to kiss her. It will also lead to her face palming you and saying "You can only make out with one of us and you've already made that choice for the day". I will tell you that blatantly hitting on a girl will not suddenly make her reconsider dating you. In fact, it will make me -- I mean, HER -- want to knee you in the groin.


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