Wednesday, March 16, 2011

the slow fizzle part 1

The image above was my first header. It was created on a random day in February 2008 with my late friend Robin when I'd decided to create kissing frogs.This was a place for me to talk about my crazy dates - like when I got caught in Spanx while making out, or when I unknowingly went on a date with my coworker's twin brother or even when the guy I was dating disappeared and apparently moved away to China without telling me. I've had a lot of really amazing moments over the last two years, and many equally crappy ones as well. In a way, the blog has grown and changed with me. 

As I've gotten more involved in the blogosphere -- I've come across a common quandary: Should I write about someone I'm dating? Is it right to take to the interwebs to talk about the good, the bad, the ugly? The way I've seen it is that I have made the choice to discuss my life, but the men that I date have not. I had made a couple of posts referring to Manfriend, but then went back and deleted them when I was overcome with post-blogging guilt. But after some urging from my friends I've decided to write about it. Because, well, why the hell not?

Manfriend and I met in December and almost immediately began spending a lot of time together. About a week after we met, we both went to our respective home states for Christmas. We texted, we talked, we Skyped. And then when, at the end of January he went to Kansas for 3.5 weeks for work we texted, we talked, we Skyped. I sent him a care package, he sent flowers to my office on Valentine's Day. After what felt like forever, I picked him up at the airport. Finally, I thought, things could go back to normal. But, things weren't perfect before his trip - and they certainly weren't perfect after. He's a self-described "go with the flow" sort of person (my translation? lazy about making plans) and I am a planner (his translation? likely overbearing bitch). And this huge personality difference starting making waves almost immediately after his return.

The night after he returned we all went out to celebrate my birthday. We both got incredibly drunk. He picked a fight with me and it ended with us yelling at one another in my (tiny) apartment. The details of the argument are irrelevant, but it still upset me. I don't like being yelled at and I HATE conflict. The next morning we talked things through, but I still felt uneasy. Things did go back to normal and we spent the rest of the weekend together. He took me out to dinner on my birthday and I thought that we were progressing nicely. We still hadn't had "the talk" but I didn't know if it was necessary - I mean, we acted like a couple, it felt like we were a couple. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck..

(to be continued tomorrow...)

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