Monday, March 28, 2011


I wanted to come and write all about my awesome weekend. How I had hung out in Brooklyn with all the hipsters, went for a run over the Brooklyn Bridge, ate amazing New York pizza and just generally had a fantastic time. But instead I'm going to tell you about how I ended up at the emergency room on Sunday night, because it's a way better story.

I'm a dumb ass (as you all know). I slammed my head on my car trunk. Hard. Like, I felt my brain rattle inside of my skull. I let out a string of expletives, said goodbye to Liz and had no problem driving from Southie to my apartment. A few hours later I got up from the couch, felt dizzy and proceeded to throw up. After consulting some medical professionals (aka my twitter followers) it was decided that yes, I probably did have a mild concussion. I was really hesitant to go to the ER because I was only showing some symptoms and thought that I'd be fine with some rest. WRONG. A couple of hours later I started throwing up again, and this time I couldn't stop. So I called up my friend Lu and was all, "oh haaay, want to go to the emergency room?". Thank God for good girlfriends, that's for damn sure.

So I'm standing at the reception area of the totally empty emergency room. I'm answering a gagillion questions and I start getting dizzy. And then the pukey feeling returns. I ask where the restroom is and she tells me that they'll take me back in just a few minutes. I start to get panicked because I know what is about to happen. I tell her one more time that I'm on the verge of throwing up and she finally comes to bring me back to get checked out. She hands me a bag, I take three steps and BAM! I throw up. Sort of in the bag but mostly all over my hands. Now I have a probably-concussion and smell like vomit. Double win!

Of course I am so embarrassed. As soon as it happens I immediately freeze and start to whimper pitifully because I try to keep any vomiting a private matter. Of course it seems that every single person who is on shift happens to be standing around me. I'm taken to a bed where I'm asked a lot of questions. I'm feeling confused and I'm not sure if it's from the head injury or the fact that they're poorly worded. Toss up. They determine that I must be very dehydrated from my puke-fest and I'm started on an IV. Just as an aside, I love getting blood taken because man, I have some amazing veins. My ER nurse and bff, Pat, told me that my veins are a doctor's dream. YEA BOY.

So I'm hooked up to the IV, and before I go in for my CAT scan they have to take a pregnancy test. When asked if there's any chance that I'm pregnant my only response is "well shit, let's hope not". Pat laughs and says "Yea, I was on the pill too, and that's how I got my daughter". I'm not preggers, obviously, so they wheel me into the room to get the CAT scan. On my way I pass all the other nurses. You know, the ones I threw up in front of, and almost on, about half an hour before? Everyone is all "WOW! You look so much better now that you've thrown up!" Thanks ladies, not looking too shabby yourselves.

Luckily I was only there for less than two hours. They gave me some literature to read about my "closed head wound" and I was told to take it easy for the next few days, something that is very difficult for me to do. I spent all day feeling pretty much narcoleptic but am definitely feeling better than when I woke up this morning. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who checked on me via twitter, text and phone. It means so much to me that I was in people's thoughts. I'm so lucky to have such great friends and family in my life.

Also, just so you know, this blog entry has taken me all day to type. Do you know that it's hard to concentrate and focus on a computer screen when you have a concussion?g.

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