Monday, February 28, 2011

race recap: hyannis half

Since April 2010 I have run one 10 miler (Cherry Blossom), four half marathons (Canton 13.1, BAA, Newport and Hyannis, and one full marathon (Walt Disney World!). Basically I have training for a long distance race non-stop (give or take) for an entire year and I am le tired. I don't know what happened to the girl who once said "I'm just not built to run," but I think she's dead somewhere on a race course.

I signed up for the Hyannis half marathon as a way to ensure that I wouldn't stop running after the marathon. After months of training the last thing I wanted to do was lose all of the endurance that I'd worked so hard to build. Training for this race was challenging because of the weather. I can't run on the dreadmill, not for any significant distance. That meant that my long runs were either outside or they didn't happen at all. Add to that a birthday weekend bender and it means that I only did a handful of long runs and only one which was double digits. I went into the race with a singular goal: SURVIVAL.

I woke up at the crack of ass on Sunday morning (it's a real time, I swear - it's somehwere between 6:00 and 6:15am) only to look out the window and see a fresh coating of snow on the ground. Greeeaaaat. I don't like walking to the bus stop in the rain or snow, and that's 3 blocks away from my apartment. Was I really about to run for 2+ hours in this weather? The answer was: HELL YES.

It was snowing and wet but it wasn't all that frigid, so figuring out my outfit was a little challenging. I decided on winter weight leggings, a wicking t-shirt, a long sleeved pullover with a hood, a water resistent jacket (with removeable sleeves) and a hat. I was a little warm but once I remove the sleeves at mile five I was much more comfortable. I tried really hard to take in my surroundings. The race course was actually beautiful - running past snow covered beaches is lovely. Except when the snow is still coming down and is going down your shirt and into your eyes - then it's just a pain in the ass. Other than a niggling pain in my ankle, I felt pretty solid physically.

I realized pretty early on that this was not going to be a PR for me, and I was okay with that. I hadn't earned it, hadn't trained for that. So when Julia turned to me around mile 8 and asked if I could help get her to a PR my answer was another resounding HELL YES. I spent the rest of the race just having fun. It was the first time I'd ever run a half marathon and just.. relaxed. I was more than happy to help pace and goad Julia towards the finish line. Around mile 11 I looked back at her and I said "PR this bitch!!". When she said she felt like puking I responded "cool, you can puke if you need to, but then we're going to run". I always say that finding a good running partner is like dating -and our running styles definitely mesh, which is why I knew I could give her some tough love. I was so excited for Julia's PR and even more excited that I was able to be a part of it.

Oh, and remember when I said I'd have another race picked out before even crossing the finish line? Yea.. I promised Juls I'd run Worcester with her in June if she PR'd. Well that gives me a few weeks to relax, right? Right!

Number eight.. here I come!

Oh, and we're going to make t-shirts that say "PR this bitch!".


Christian said...

Crack of ass dawn, I love it!!!!

You know I really wish more runners had your sense of humour and attitude! Seriously!

Jess said...

Crazy! Just crazy how many races you've conquered in under a year. GO you! I'm totally inspired! And, can't wait to meet you tonight at Core Fusion! Eeek! Nervous to meet Fred, though I'm SURE he's going to be totally inspiring !

Unknown said...

christian - if more runners had my sense of humor and attitude then i wouldn't be nearly as cool and special ;)

jess - thank you! it's was a big year for me and races. i hope that the rest of 2011 is as exciting. looking forward to meeting you too! i'm nervous to meet him too, especially since i'm incredibly sore from my weekend of butt-kicking activities!