Thursday, February 10, 2011


I'm such a bad blog-mommy - Tuesday was kissing frogs' second birthday! It sounds so trite, but it's amazing how quickly time flies. For those of you who have been here since the beginning, you know that this blog was born out of a very selfish desire to tell my stories, mostly my numerous dating disasters. And while I won't claim that it's still for that purpose, I am happy with how it's evolved over time. When I first begin I thought to myself "who the hell is going to be interested in what I have to say?", and shockingly enough, there are a few of you out there! Any blogger will tell you that the main reason they write is to have an outlet - and that's absolutely true for me. But the community that's opened up to me has been even more amazing. I've made so many good friends both near and far who keep me entertained and lend a shoulder or ear when I desperately need it.

So, happy birthday (plus two days!) to kissing frogs. In honor of the occasion I leave you with this video:


Every Little Thing said...

Happy 2nd birthday! That's a pretty neat accomplishment. Even with all the blogs out there, I'd say most are abandoned in far less than 2 years! Good for you :)

Mary McManus said...

Happy Birthday! Love the video - only you could celebrate kissing frogs with that video. Can't wait to see you in Hyannis.

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday! Follower for life!

Unknown said...

thanks stace! my little baby is ::tear:: growing up!

mary - only i would post a lot of the things that i do. i'm glad that you enjoy it ;)

elizabeth - you my boy, blue!