Monday, February 14, 2011


My favorite liquor store always has the best signs. I think this sums up a lot of people's feelings regarding the dreaded Valentine's Day:

I woke up this morning in a pretty blah mood. I think my body is fighting off a cold and I overslept and missed yoga. My appetite has been all out of whack but I REFUSE to be sick for my epic birthday celebration. So just as I had made up my mind to cheer the hell up I received a little delivery to my office: some pink roses in a little glass vase. A simple and very sweet gesture that put a smile on my face.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope that you enjoy your corporate soul-sucking holiday, or at least stuff your face with some amazing chocolate!


Every Little Thing said...

Happy Valentine's Day, lucky girl! :)

Nik said...

That sign just made me whole day! Ha!!

Unknown said...

hope you had a good valentines day too, lady!

and nik, glad you enjoyed it - it sure made me laugh when i saw it!