Monday, January 17, 2011

whip mah hurr

Last night I made the mature, adult decision to get CRUNK. I headed down to a little dive bar in the financial district with my pal Lu. Oh, and did I mention that the theme of the party was "80's apres ski party"? I wasn't even sure what it meant but I decided that my outfit would include bright green/teal stockings, big hair and about 100 bangle bracelets. I consumed a larger-than-life glass of wine as I was getting eightiesified (I love making up my own words). Then I went and met up with Lu and her friend and had a very large gin and tonic. At the bar I think I had three.. fourish Captain and diet Cokes? Some parts of the night are fuzzy. It wasn't until this afternoon while standing in manfriend's kitchen that a memory came rushing back to me..

Last night, I whipped my hair back and forth.


If you don't know what I'm talking about, please see this music video:

Not only that, I woke up feeling as though someone had punched my repeatedly in the neck and upper back. Does this mean that my prime drinking days are behind me?

Crap. Mama's gettin' old.


Dori said...

HOW did you end up at manfriend's???

Monica said...

Hahaha I can just picture you whipping your hair back and forth. Epic!

Date Girl said...

Hmm, I like how Manfriend is just thrown in there. Is he more than a friend miss??

I would get a massive headache if I tried to whip my hair any which way.

j. said...

things with manfriend are currently... undefined. that's the best way i can put it haha