Friday, December 31, 2010

a year in the life - part deux

After the epic bridesmaid dress saga (complete with an Eastern European seamstress crushing my self-esteem), I was able to be a part of my beautiful best friend's wedding. The wedding took place and July 16th and I cried as she walked down the aisle and loved seeing her so happy. Love, love, loved every second of it. I was honored I drank at least a bottle of champagne (two flutes at a time, obvs) and was on a first-name basis with the bartender before the happy hour was even over.

I also moved during the last weekend of this month! Never again will I try to do such a thing without movers. My dad and I are just not a good substitute for big, burly men with, you know, upper body strength and no back problems. I will never forget it - my dad and I had just finished taking about 400 lbs worth of IKEA furniture up two flights of stairs. It's SUMMER, we're sweating. My mom looks at us and goes "Wow, this is exhausting!". Oh yea? Really? This coming from the woman who "watched the car" most of the day? Shut it!

I don't actually know what I did in August. There aren't any tagged pictures of me on Facebook. I think I was getting used to living by myself and was liiittttllle bit of a hermit. In an effort to off-set my reclusive tendencies I did sign up for kickball! I also spent most of the month counting down the days until I went to Spain. All in all, August was apparently a pretty tame month.. 

Spain. Was. Amazing. Traveling with anyone can be challenging, but Lori and I had an amazing time. I took about a gagillion photos (exact number) and ate way more ham than my arteries could handle. Honestly, Spain was never on my top list of places to visit, but I'm so glad that I did. It's beautiful, I loved the people, and it's so rich in history and beautiful sights.

I also did what many New Englanders do - went to Maine! My first trip up was with the girls to watch Julia kick some serious ass at the Lobsterman Olympic Triathlon. I had my second lobster ever and along the way I made some new friends.. Oh, and did I mention that we befriended an ultimate frisbee team from Nova Scotia? Because we totally did.

On Saturday, September 25, I ran the MMRF Race for Research for the third year in a row. I ran in honor of my Uncle Mark who passed away on June 30, 2009. I raised 500 dollars for the foundation and decided to send my race bib to my aunt. She was so thankful and sent me a wonderful card telling me that she was proud of me and that my uncle was looking down on me and smiling.

A big running month for me. Three weeks before the BAA half marathon I was offered a free bib. How could I refuse? The race was on October 10 and I thought I had a good chance of a PR, but the race course had something else to say about that. They changed the route so miles 10-12 were incredibly, viciously hilly. My knees were screaming and I knew that this wasn't going to be my race. I was really disappointing upon crossing the finish line but took from that race a lot of worthwhile lessons. The next day my friend Emma convinced me to run the Newport Half marathon on October 17. What crazy talk, right?! I mean, who runs two half marathons in consecutive weekends? This girl. And who blew away her previous half marathon PR by over 7 minutes? THIS GIRL. Half marathon #6 time: 2:15:43. Next goal? Under 2:10!

I also had the pleasure of running the Oak Scare 5k with some of my favorite twitter/real life pals. I dressed up as one of the three blind mice. After we went for pancakes and I mean, who doesn't LOVE pancakes? Crazy people, that's who.

Most of my weekends in November were dedicated to long runs for marathon training. It was also when the Change Your Life Challenge was born! It's only the second challenge, but I'm already feeling more positive and I can't wait to see how it grows and changes as we get some more under our belts!

Thanksgiving was great. I ran a 5 mile turkey trot and PR'd! And then I stuffed my face and hung out with my family for hours. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure that the best way to recover from a race is endless carbs. Just sayin'.

This month has been a blur! I had a really awful 20 miler that killed my soul and apparently my IT Band. I debated and decided to start my taper a little bit early, in addition to lots of stretching, foam rolling and massage therapy. This month was really hard on my running psyche, but I think the rest (and new sneakers) helped a LOT! I went back to New York for Thanksgiving and despite having a head cold, I had an amazing 6 mile run. Brought me right back to why I love running. It's less than two weeks to the marathon and I. Am. Ready.

HAPPY NEW YEAR READERS! Try not to black out on New Years Eve. Take it from someone who knows first hand, ok?


Every Little Thing said...

Happy New Year J!

Ella said...

I started reading your blog at the time of the "epic bridesmaid dress saga" so it's fun to read your recap of things that happened before :) Happy 2011!