Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thanks for the memories comcast

Have you ever felt blind hatred for an entire company? That's how I feel about Comcast and literally every employee I've been forced to deal with. Let see.. my junior year of college the incompetent tech shocked my motherboard, fried my computer and then denied it. It took me three months to get someone on the phone who knew their head from their ass. In the end I had to threaten to sue -- SUE!! And all they paid was for parts. It didn't even come close to paying for the new computer that I ended up needing to purchase because of their tech's sloppy work.

Three years ago the person who installed my cable left the box in the MIDDLE of the room without enough wire to put it anywhere near the wall. When I called they actually told me that I would have to PAY to have a tech come out to fix it. Seriously? As you can imagine I raised holy hell. When I got the bill for that month not only was I charged for that visit, but was also charged TWO installation fees after I was told it would be free. Two weeks of fighting on the phone and me threatening to never pay my bill again and they took it off my account.

I moved again in July and was told to bring my modem and cable box with me to the new apartment. I was told that installation would be waived for the cable. I didn't need internet installation as I already had the equipment. The tech who came to my apartment may be the only competent person employed by comcast. He was awesome and I was grateful. What was less stellar was the bill I received. Surprise!! I was being charged for both internet AND cable installation. When I called customer service I was "helped" by a bitchy employee who said there was no way I was able to hook up the internet myself, and that the tech MUST have done it - therefore I had to pay. Thanks for that vote of confidence but I'm pretty sure a monkey could figure it out. In the end she did waive both fees, while making it very clear that she still thought I was lying. Guess I'm off her Christmas card list, eh?

Never in my life have I been forced to pay so much money for such consistently crappy service. Now, I understand that there was a huge service outage on Sunday night. But, that was Sunday night. And it's now 1:45am on Wednesday and my internet continues to go in and out. I've dealt briefly with some Comcast employees via Twitter with very little explanation on their end. Tomorrow I will call customer service and do my best not to curse out everyone I come in contact with on the phone. After that's done, I will likely call up RCN and inquire about switching my service. 

After seven years Comcast has finally managed to kill my soul. Thanks guys, I was meaning to get rid of that pesky thing anyway.


Unknown said...

Wow! Well now I know never to use Comcast...ever.
I'm sorry you have to put up with their BS. I can't believe a company with such awful customer service is still in business...ugh

PhillyGirlRuns said...

my husband has been on an anti-Comcast rampage for a while now, but it peaked this weekend when they blacked out the OK/OK State football game. He talked to customer service about it, who advised that the blackout was the "encourage ticket sales." Yes, it's blacked out in PHILADELPHIA to encourage ticket sales to a game several thousand miles away. He could order the game on PPV for SEVENTY-THREE AMERICAN DOLLARS. Now he keeps threatening to switch to Fios.

Every Little Thing said...

I can't even begin to tell you the terrible experiences we had with Comcast all through college and beyond. They run a monopoly on multiple cities throughout the US and it's completely ridiculous how little quality of service they charge for the money. When my parents switched to AT&T U-Verse, and it didn't go out once a week or have random outages, I was AMAZED. I didn't realize that wasn't the "norm" for internet service!

Comcast is a terrible, terrible company. Hope RCN is better to you! You could always get one of those portable internet services Verizon offers as well. Never priced them though.

Unknown said...

they blacked out a game that was thousands of miles away to encourage ticket sales? hooooly smokes, i would have lit my cable box on fire. you should definitely switch to fios, i know several people who have it and love it. it's not in my area yet

stacy - yes, definitely an (almost) monopoly here. RCN is the only other choice and they're not all that great themselves. right now i'm plugged directly into the modem and it seems to be working. they're sending me a new router (no monthly charge, i just had to pay 9.99 for shipping) and if that doesn't working then i will definitely be switching to RCN.

ComcastCares1 said...

Hello J. - I am really sorry for the unacceptable experience. We would like to make sure that the issues you raised are addressed. I know you've decided to discontinue your service with Comcast, but I wanted to ask you if there is anything that I can do to change your mind. Please let me know. I am here to help.

Best regards,

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Unknown said...

hi mark - thank you for taking the time to comment, i do appreciate that. i will be sending you an email shortly.

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

In the defense of comcast employees (in customer service) a lot of the times they have no options when you call them. I used to work for a competitor of Comcast *cough* Mediacom *cough* It was the worst job I have ever had. Things like this would happen all the time and a lot of times all I could do was apologize. I am very good at customer service and I couldn’t be a good customer service representative there. I hated working there because I like helping people and I couldn’t help anyone there. Because I couldn’t help anyone that made me hate my job and because I hated my job I am sure that customers could tell I didn’t want to be there. So there might be someone on the other end that does care and does want to help… but literally can’t.
As far as the blackout thing….. Many times it’s the network eg TBS.. CBS… that decides to black out a game and doesn’t have anything to do with the company providing the service. I am not sure if that’s how it works with Comcast but it was with Mediacom, or rather that’s what management claimed.
I know with the company I work for now… a smaller company that is local to the area when a game isn’t available on a certain channel we will make it available on our own broadcasted channel.
Just playing devils advocate here. You post brought chills to me. It brought back some painful memories from my terrible days at Mediacom as an employee.

Unknown said...

you make some valid points, Jana. i understand that sometimes there's just nothing that a customer service rep can do - but the example of the one woman telling me that there's basically no way i could be smart enough to figure out how to connect my modem to my router? ridiculous. i've also been told by people that i won't be charged for something and then it appears on my bill and i have to fight for what i was promised. it's things like that that infuriate me. i don't expect perfect service, but i pay a lot of money and expect to be treated with some decency for being a loyal customer for over 7 years.

i'm sorry, though, i can imagine that being a customer service rep is often a thankless job. i always do my best to be polite until i'm insulted or blatantly lied to. i think that everyone deserves that much.

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I feel bad for the representatives who have customers who say "I was promised this" or "I was promised that" but the representative that made this promise didn't note it in the account. A lot of times there is no wiggle room whatsoever. Its not that they are calling you a liar its that there aren't notes to back up what you are saying. If the companies policy is not to issue credit unless theres documented proof.. well then I again feel bad for that representative that has to tell you that.

Problem is that some customers DO lie. Just the other day I had a customer who told me that his install was suppose to be free (the representative even logged that she told him about the install). When I mentioned this to the customer he insisted I was wrong. I told him that we record 100% of our calls and that I could have the call pulled and listened to. I told him if he was not informed of the charge that I would waive it. Suddenly Mr. Customer remembers that he WAS told about the install fee. I am lucky to now work for a smaller company in customer service. A local company with 11 customer service reps. We all know each other pretty well.

Unknown said...

she actually DID flat out tell me that she thought i was lying. she basically said that she didn't think i could have figured out how to hook it up on my own, so this wasn't a case a wiggle room. it was her being rude. comcast does offer self-installation for internet, so it's not like i was asking for a policy that doesn't exist.

i understand that customers do lie, which is frustrating because i have never lied to a comcast representative about what was promised to me. perhaps next time i willl ask them to double check that it's noted in my file to avoid any issues.

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

Yeah it sucks because those liars ruin it for everyone else. hehe.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do. :)