Wednesday, December 29, 2010

spring cleaning, in december

I am my mother's daughter in many ways. Too many, in fact.  I laugh too loud at jokes; usually mine, because I am my own number one fan. I can devour a bag of Twizzlers in a single sitting and then complain about it for the next three days. I love taking photographs and plastering my living space with memories. Also, I'm a bit of a crap collector. If there's an empty nook I will find ten items to fill the space..

So I was pretty excited when we came up with the Donate and Ditch idea for the second Change Your Life Challenge. This past July, I moved from a huge two bedroom apartment with a roommate into a studio apartment and I've realized that I am in desperate need of some de-cluttering. I am starting to feel suffocated in my manageable but tiny apartment. I'm going to be out of town for work in early January and then pretty much heading right down to Orlando for the Marathon. My goal is to come back from my 11 days away to a clean and organized apartment. The goal was to donate and ditch and least ten items each, and I was confident that my mini-hoarding skills would have left me with far more than that.

The donation pile:
9 shirts and 1 pair of jeans
3 decorative Christmas boxes (that I've had since LAST year), 1 jewelry holder, 1 earring display rack, 1 shoe rack from IKEA, 2 cotton hats, 2 sport/gym bags that I've never used in my life)
 The ditch pile:
Lots of crap.. literally. In here are old magazines from over a year ago, broken hangers, the glittery penis crown I wore on my 21st birthday, some broken picture frames that I said I would fix but never did/will. Well over 20 items in here!
Oh this shattered mirror? I wasn't planning to throw it out but since it fell and shattered all over my floor I figured why not. Maybe all of the donating will give me some good karma to counteract the seven years of bad luck?


Every Little Thing said...

Nice work Jessie! Can't wait to get through my house.

Unknown said...

I feel as though I may need to do a round two. I still have so. much. crap.

Mary McManus said...

Great job. I cleaned out my closet yesterday and found clothes that reminded me of my mother and wanted to get rid of that energy so they are going to Child Quest Donations where they can sell them in their thrift shop and the money goes to helping missing/abducted children. What a great challenge. I also went through the linen closet and could not believe the crap I found in there which went in the trash - shhhh don't tell Tom 'cuz he hates it when I get rid of stuff but it's all good because now we are making way for the new in 2011. xoxo

Unknown said...

Ah that's awesome! You cleaned out quite a bit. But did the glittery penis crown really have to go? Let's be honest...of course it did. Haha :P

Unknown said...

Mary, could you pass along he information for child quest donations? it sounds like an amazing cause and i'd like to donate my clothing there too, if possible. and don't worry, i won't tell tom, it's our little secret!

monica - i feel like i didn't even clean out that much, but it's a good start! i'm hoping to do another round when i get back from norcal and orlando! penis crown was broken, otherwise i'm not sure i could have parted with it.