Tuesday, December 21, 2010

mighty boosh

Long-time readers of my blog will remember guest blog Tuesday, which eventually turned into Jacky-day. This is because she is hilarious, and is able to write about her insane and amazing life. Since I'm quickly turning into a 90 year old woman who asks for a fluffy bath robe for Christmas (true story..), I like to live vicariously through Jacky.  So, today I'm taking a break from writing about running, changing my life, and other respectable things to bring you this blog. I hope that you'll thank me for it later --
Those that know me know that my razor and I have a love-hate relationship. I’m slightly (very) lazy…and an Italian Jew (read: have way too much hair for my own good). And thus, depending on the day, time, year certain parts of my body may or may not be shaved to various degrees (armpits, legs, etc…). I’m also completely shameless and will not let a little razor fight keep me from any fun.

Fast forward to a night with a good friend where we spent far too many hours discussing this picture (WARNING: NSFW!!)  He INSISTS that this is real….my money is totally on a merkin though (a vaginal wig…don’t ask) So, of course, in good ole drunk people fashion we paraded around the bar sharing this picture with anyone who would look at it, attempting to garner opinions/support, and “win” the argument. I then inquired about his personal bush threshold…..

This was a completely innocent statement and quite the hilarious conversation; however, many MANY beers and vodka sodas later this same friend ended up in my bed…. and then, mid-hook up unleashed this gem of a comment on me: “Is this why you were inquiring about my bush threshold?” Luckily for him, I actually got a good laugh out of this one. And, for the record, my “situation” was in no way shape or form even 1/10th of that Demi Moore photo. But I do think, as a general rule of thumb, men miiiiight want to avoid discussing one’s personal hair issue while hooking up… at least if you want to get off and/or avoid being slapped (not in the fun way).

p.s. Yes, the hook-up did continue post-comment….I told you, completely shameless.

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hahahaha, epic blog post!