Wednesday, December 22, 2010

freak out

I am FREAKING OUT about this marathon. While I've been stretching and doing a lot of cross-training, I haven't really run very much in the last week. First it was the IT band pain, and now I seem to be coming down with a cold. Seriously? Now is not the time for my body to crap out on me. I was going to run today but when I woke up with the glands on my neck the size of ping pong balls, I decided against it. I am definitely planning on getting some runs in at some point this week but I'm nervous. Really nervous. So nervous that I'm having really vivid, scary nightmares about the marathon. One included me having no legs and being yelld at to run, and in another I got assaulted by one of the Disney characters as I passed the 10 mile marker.

I feel as though I've lost my running mojo. I was in such a good place before I had this mini injury of mine. Now I just feel.. blah and disappointed in myself and my body. Will you all please, please tell me that I'm being ridiculous and that I'm going to be fine? And that it's my first marathon and that I don't have to do anything except survive? Also, if you can tell me how irrational I am being and how much I'm overreacting, that'd be great too.

Any advice for how to stop being your own worst enemy before a big race? HELP!


Betsy said...

It's only natural to freak out but you're going to be fine. You work hard, and do everything right. You'll kick the marathons ass!!

Unknown said...

So right before Andrew's marathon, he did actually injure himself slightly and couldn't do his scheduled 35 mile run (he had only previously completed a 26er I think somewhere in that neighborhood). But more so he listed to his body, and let it rest the week before the race. He got plenty of sleep, rested his body, no alcohol, and kept calm. The day of the race he woke up, stretched, ate a good breakfast and completed all 50 miles.

You've trained this long, just because you haven't ran this past week; doesn't mean your body will forget all of it's training. Take it slow, go for a walk, stretch, do some biking, but overall listen to your body and take it easy.

It's normal to freak out before this type of event, one in which you've placed so much effort into, but you will be just fine. We all love and support you, and will continue to love and support you no matter what the outcome.

A said...

I got a little cold about 10 days before my marathon. It went away. The taper caused all kinds of phantom pains and worries.

Rest well, and take it slow. You are running to finish, not for time.

You've put in a lot of effort. Trust your training. Your body will not forget what it's capable of.

In short - relax. It happens to us all. We'll still be here cheering for you regardless of what happens! =)

Dori said...

1. Now Panic and Freak Out = HILARIOUS. I need to own that and out it up in my room!!!
2. Chill. You ran 20 miles. Your body remembers. You will be fine. Rest it up!

Jana from Running Vegetarian said...

I'm curious. Which Disney character tried to kick your ass?

I think its natural to be scared shitless. I am fairly certain this will be the case when I run mine in June.

Mary McManus said...

It's time to take your victory lap Jessie - you put in all the hard work and all the miles. I'll make you laugh - I focused on the fact we were not going to be able to get to Spaulding because of street closures and we were going to miss the bus to Hopkinton. I became a crazy person obsessing over this but when race day arrived I was eerily calm. Oh and let's see what other crazies did I experience? I was afraid the alarm wouldn't go off so I set every alarm clock in the house including our cell phones. I will tell you you won't sleep the night before - it's the night before the night before that is important so the night before your marathon, just stay horizontal. Running a first marathon is an experience like no other and if it were not important to you, you wouldn't feel the jitters. A very wise woman once told me, if you don't feel anxious, you are not aiming high enough. Also, as Adam said there is something about the taper crazies. Your body is so used to running and being a finely tuned machine that when you stop, it goes into shock - really and you think oh my goodness, my body is going to betray me and I'm not gonna be able to do this.
So relax kiddo, you are going to do great. You have so many people pulling and cheering for you that there is no way you cannot succeed. You have so many half marathons under your belt and put in the distance. But also remember this - Bill Rodgers did not finish his first four Boston Marathons - and look where he ended up. So whatever happens - it's all good and part of your journey. Send your body love messages - tell it how much you love it, how grateful you are that it got you through the training and just take exquisite care of yourself - not easy to do as you are getting ready to go to NY to be with the fam and then off on a business trip but do the best you can to visualize yourself crossing that finish line and getting that bling around your neck.
Hope this helps (it was a blog post in itself, huh?) 2011 the year that Jessie Krauss joined the less than 1% of the population to become a marathoner.

Stephanie Anne said...

jessie youll be fine!!

Just think, you are running through the happiest place on earth. Running through Cinderellas castle will be awesome! And no matter how good or bad it goes, there will be plenty of awesome photo opps, and people cheering you on. As you see the epcot ball get closer, youll know youre in the home stretch. And when they place Mickey Mouse around your neck you'll be an official marathoner. I am so jealous I have to wait until next year for mine. Have fun!!

Kori said...

Okay the dream about the Disney characters isn't FUNNY, per se, but...oh who am I kidding. It is kind of funny. I actually almost spit out my wine. All that aside, I have full confidence in you rocking this marathon's face off.

Anonymous said...

You're going to be awesome. You are totally going to kick the marathon's ass.

Seriously. You'll kill it.

Unknown said...

thank you all SO so much for the wonderful and positive thoughts. i will try to find time later to respond to you individually, but for now please just know that you're all amazing and your words are SO appreciated.

Unknown said...

i understand the nerves, but i know you're going to kick ass. just think, no matter what you run, since it's your first marathon, you're going to set a PR ;] haha