Monday, December 13, 2010

change your life challenge #2

I hope that everyone enjoyed the first round of the Change Your Life Challenge. I haven't had a chance to write a formal recap of my experience, but I very much enjoyed it. I won't be going vegetarian anytime soon, but I can say that I've consumed less meat than I was prior to the challenge.

So are you ready for the next installment?!
This month's challenge is:
GOAL? The challenge is to come up with a minimum of 10 things that are still usable that you can donate to the less-fortunate and 10 things that aren't even worthy to be given away and belong in the trash. More would be amazing, of course, but 20 is a great starting point. Go through your bedrooms, your closet, your car, your office - wherever you may have unused belongings. If you're anything like me, you have probably shoved items into random corners and long-since forgotten about them.

WHY? It's important to give back, especially right after the holidays. This challenge will not only help you to make room for your shiny, new goodies, but it will also help you allow someone else the opportunity to enjoy the holidays in the same way. I also think it's important to start 2011 with a clean, organized space.

WHEN? December 27th, 2010 through January 3rd, 2011

So if you're ready, sign up and let's make this happen! Giving back never felt so good! Same deal as before: If you are ready to participate in this challenge, then send an email OR comment on this entry with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS (even if you already sent that for the last one) and expect a challenge email update soon. Once you sign up, we will send out emails to remind you about the challenge as it approaches, as well as give you tips on how to make this challenge easier. You will have ample time to ask questions, share inspiration, anything and everything.

If you accept the challenge, post the challenge logo on your blog and encourage more people to scurry over here and sign up for the challenge, too!

Feel free to copy and paste (and post) this entry at your own blog. Just give credit and share the love! Many thanks to Monica for the graphics!

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And remember:
"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home." -Basho


Kristina said...

LOVE this one! I went through some of my clothes not too long ago and was just thinking about going through the rest of my closet. This is so perfect for the week after Christmas!

Mary McManus said...

This is awesome! My friend Sallie Felton is a life coach and an expert in de cluttering. She uses the 30 second rule - you only have 30 seconds to decide if you need to hold onto something or let it go! You have my email address so count me in!

Unknown said...

So, so excited for this one!!!

Megg said...

Love this, J!