Thursday, November 11, 2010

throwback thursday #3

Summer 2005

Shall we discuss? Yes, we shall..
  1. You can't see it, but the shirt is backless. I had to wear one of those black bandeau bras underneath it to make it "appropriate". Yep.
  2. The tiny white leather purse? Really?
  3. That brick of a cell phone just screams 2005.
  4. I was dancing on a speaker at an under-21 club. Fact.
  5. I drank three wine coolers in my friend's car before entering the "club". Fact. 
  6. I think I still have that shirt somewhere... Fail.


miss katie said...

i love this picture and the story that accompanies it

Every Little Thing said...

lol oh the early 2000's! that was how everyone dressed - no shame!

j. said...

@miss katie - i'm glad you enjoy throwback thursday :)

@stacy - oh man.. that was not a fashionable time. although, i remember thinking that my outfit was pretty damn sexy. wrooong.

Betsy said...


Dori said...

At least your hair looks great! Grow it long again!

Monica said...

Hahahaha, man this is so awesome. I love that you have the guts to pull these old pictures out!

j. said...

dori - i think i may grow it out long, i've been missing it!

monica - it's all for the greater good of the blog ;)