Tuesday, November 16, 2010

people of the MBTA

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have.. the MBTA. 

To the woman who was wearing a teal, metallic scrunchie yesterday? I love you.

To the woman who reeked of smoke and booze and quizzed me on the public transportation system in Somerville and Cambridge? Take a shower.

To the woman who was proudly reading the Twilight book on the bus this morning? Let's be friends. Please?

To the dude who decided that his grody backpack deserved a seat on the (rush hour) T this morning? Suck it.

To the bus driver of the 88 bus who has a perma-frown on his face? Cheer up! But I'd probably be cranky if I drove a for a living, so it's totally ok.

To the guy who was wearing a huge, fuzzy hat with short sleeves and shorts? You're a brave soul. And you're cute. We could date.

To the bus driver who uses hand weights and sings songs at stop lights? You are amazing and hilarious.


Monica said...

Ah the driver using hand weights?! That's amazing!

Lists like this make me wish I had public transportation where I live :[

NYIllini311 said...

to the woman on the LIRR who uses the pay phone every day (ABOVE GROUND), get a cell phone, it's 2010.