Sunday, November 7, 2010

the long run

I'm feeling inspired.

Two weeks ago I ran 14.75 miles at a 10:38 pace.

Yesterday I ran 15.55 miles at a 10:00 pace.

My half marathon time (that was my PR!) was a 10:22 pace.

I don't know what's going on, or what exactly I'm doing right with my training, but something is clicking. I think that so much of it is mental. Yes, I've been getting stronger physically, and my cardiovascular stamina is improving. But so much of my training thus far has been mental. After running six half marathons, the idea of running any distance more than 13.1 miles was almost crippling. Could I do it? Would my legs allow me to run that far? Would my mind give up on me before the end?

The answer is HELL YES I can do it. Was I tired after yesterday's run? Yes. Did my feet hurt? Oh you better believe it. Were my calves screaming? You betcha. But I did it. I know that I'm capable of running more than a half marathon distance, and finishing strong (both physically and mentally). I'm still nervous going into every weekend knowing that this run will be my longest to date. But it's equal parts nervous/scared and nervous/excited.

These days I'm really feeling like a runner, and I kind of like it.


Mary McManus said...

Yeah! That is so awesome to hear. I like how you are more nervous/excited than nervous/nervous. You go girl!

Jessica said...

Awesome! You are motivating me...I only do 2.5 miles and about die. I'm going to try to do better!

Doug W said...

Excellent! You're right. Training and running longer and longer is so much mental. Sometime after running my marathon I made the comment somewhere that "the question is no longer whether or not I will finish the race, no matter the distance. The question is now one of will my training let me cover the distance as fast as I possibly can. And I like this feeling." Or something to that effect. My friend Ray Zahab (Running the Sahara) said "Running is 90% mental. The rest is all in your head!" And I've come to see how true that is. I'm glad you're on your way to that place too!

Every Little Thing said...

good for you! this is awesome. i feel like i've followed along for the whole ride, and it's so great to see how far you've gone with this! it's definitely turning into a lifelong change for you, i can tell!

Megan said...

I love it, because it's so true. It's so mental. When you take your bad attitude into your run, it really cripples you, mentally and physically.

Betsy said...

Great attitude and great runs!

Unknown said...

So proud! You're such a huge inspiration, and I'm glad that all of your hard work is paying off! You deserve it!

Unknown said...

@mary - thank you!! it's still a lot of nerves, but definitely leaning towards excitement these days

@jess - hey 2.5 miles is a lot further than many people can run, you should be proud of that!

@doug - i LOVE that quote. and wow, yeah that's absolutely true.

@stacy - you have been along for the whole ride, and it makes me happy that you can see the change. that makes it feel "real" if that makes sense

@megan - your attitude DEFINITELY carries over into a run. it's so important to be positive and let everything else go

@betsy - thanks lady!

@monica - thank you, and thank you for always being so supportive and positive!!

Allison @ Happy Tales said...

Okay so I know you posted this forever and a day ago, but holy shitballs this is how I am feeling right now with my upcoming training for my marathon (that I have yet to sign up for...)

I will be chattin' you up on how to prepare mentally for long runs when it's not so late... (i actually DO have work tomorrow... tear.)