Wednesday, November 24, 2010

giving thanks

For all of my bitching, I am extremely thankful for my family. I am somehow able to type this even as my mother is watching One Life to Live on what I think is the loudest volume setting on the television, screaming to herself about a cake tin. I haven't watched this show in years but I was able to ask her if Starr had a baby with Cole and if he was still on the show. She stopped long enough to look at me with disgust and say "No, Cole is in jail." Oh, excuuuuse me. Then she asked if I thought my little brother was sleeping with his ex girlfriend. Equal amount of displeasure was displayed when I didn't have any information.

Sorry, totally not the point of this post..

I wanted to give blog-thanks for my family because, crazy as they are, I love them dearly:

I am thankful for my mother even though she thinks that I'm a prude, a lesbian, and in perpetual need of a bikini wax. She is physically incapable of hiding her massive amount of crazy (which I am positive was transferred to me in the womb), but I am lucky to have her. I think that we drive each other crazy because we're so similar, a thought that both amuses and frightens me.

I am thankful for my daddy because he threatened to kill my first boyfriend when he broke up with me and because he found me when I was lost in MGM studios. Mostly I love him because he is quite possibly the funniest man in the world. The man I marry will have pretty big shoes to fill, due to my dad being the most bad-ass dude in the entire world.

I am thankful for my older brother. Despite our different temperaments, he will always be there to keep the bullies away. I am thankful for my little brother. We may not talk all the time, but I know that he's wise beyond his years and that our conversations will never fail to make me laugh until I cry.

I want to wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with your families. I hope to have some amazing stories to share with all of you very soon. - This Thanksgiving, cherish the time spent with your family as a reminder of why you moved very far away from your family


Unknown said...

This is beautiful and this is exactly how I feel about my family.

It's good to take a step back and realize that despite the crazy, you love them all.

Caffeine Queen said...

This is exactly how I feel about my family. Despite their craziness, I love them all (even if I may be a little stressed by the end of this weekend.)

enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Princess Malphaba said...

I actually made a point of not being home all day because my mom was cooking and if I heard "oh crap!" or "Oh no... you need HOW much milk?" One more time, I was going to lose it. Oh the joy of family. At least they provide some good blog fodder!

Mary McManus said...

So poignant and elegantly simple my friend. You have a way of capturing life with warmth, love, wit and just not taking the whole thing too seriously. See you soon!

mypixieblog said...

I understand where you're coming from with this post. My family drives me up a wall, too, but they're my everything and I love them all dearly.

Hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! :)

Unknown said...

thanks for all the comments everyone! good to know that i'm not the only one with a crazy but (usually) loveable family! i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I think one of your advertisements caused my internet browser to resize, you might want to put that on your blacklist.

Unknown said...

could you please let me know which advertisement it was? thanks.