Wednesday, November 3, 2010

dear sir

To the gentleman who emailed me for the third time last night -

I'm sorry that I didn't respond to your emails. I apologize that you were confused as to why I wouldn't return your advances if I was still available. I'm especially sorry that you feel as though I am "nothing more than a pretty face with a fat ass". So, please accept two hours of my tears in exchange for so grievously offending you. And let me thank you for reminding me that I will always have self-confidence issues. It's always great to be taken down a peg every now and again.

Just so you know, this "fat ass"? It's run 6 half marathons. What have YOU done lately? 

aka the fat ass


Michelle said...

These people are CREEPS! He's probably some 300 pound guy who can't handle rejection. Don't sweat it, girl!

PS I couldn't run half marathons???

Elizabeth said...

The human race never ceases to amaze me. I can't even run up my stairs. LOVE YOU.

Every Little Thing said...

i have never understood why so many men feel it is acceptable to talk down to women just because they feel slighted. it's a ridiculous piece of our culture.

i can guarantee you're more in shape than 75% of proud of yourself!

Mary McManus said...

Ahh so now I understand your tweet. Let us be thankful for this person's email as it will now only serve to strengthen you - to discover and know the truth about who you really are j. and that no one has the right to talk to you of all people like that. You are a beautiful spirit inside and out and as for your caboose - well it's exactly as it should be. File this under some people ... another opportunity for you to shed those myths that you still carry around inside of you girl - and to embrace the beauty and wonder of you - a soon, very soon to be marathoner. HUGS

Unknown said...

god, dating is hell! *sigh

Unknown said...

michelle - i wanted to ask him to show me a picture of him without a shirt to see if he was hiding the body of an adonis, buuut i figured it wasn't worth it haha.

elizabeth - I LOVE YOU TOO. foreverrrr alone and on facebook? ha

stacy - i think in general that people use the guise of anonymity to be total asses. and i am proud of myself, you're totally right.

mary - thank you, thank you, thank you. this was an incredibly sweet comment. and you, as usual, are absolutely rational and correct.

michelle - dating BLOWS. end of story.

Kori said...

Let's put our fat asses together and CRUSH HIM.

Unknown said...

kori - A+ idea. when our asses combine... we are.. captain planet!! or something..