Thursday, October 28, 2010

throwback thursday #1

There are currently 1370 tagged pictures of me on Facebook. I'm a picture whore. And most of the pictures tagged of me when I'm between the ages of 19 to.. well.. now.. are of me being a drunken mess. Recently I've been trying out the whole adult thing, which isn't hard because I'm normally exhausted by around 8:45pm. In honor of my many questionable (some not so very far in the) past decisions, I've decided to start something called Throwback Thursday.

Every (or most, I'll do my best!) Thursday, I will scavenge the depths of Facebook, Shutterfly and Webshots (is that a blast from the past, OR WHAT?!) and present you with a terrible, embarrassing or hilarious picture of me with the accompanying story. For the first Throwback Thursday I present you with a picture taken a few short weeks after graduation. I am klassy. with a capital K. Foreva.

I think this one requires bullet points:
  1. Drag my sweet butterfly chair into my kitchen
  2. Drink an entire pitcher of margaritas, brilliant.
  3. Chase it with a beer, smart. 
  4. Go to the bar
  5. Black out (actually, I may have blacked out BEFORE getting to the bar)
  6. Meet up with a dude I'd been hooking up with
  7. Take him back to my apartment
  8. I wake up alone, thinking that I am dead
  9. I realize that I'm hungover, I wish that I were dead
  10. Check my phone, 17 missed calls
  11. Realize I've missed my ride to go to Connecticut for the weekend
  12. Catch a ride with some other friends
  13. My friends hate me because they thought I was dead. Oops.
  14. Friends ask how my night with the dude was
  15. I stare at them blankly
  16. A lot of back and forth and many huh's and wha's? from everyone, mostly me
  17. I stare blankly some more
  18. They realize that I have no recollection of #6 and #7
  19. Friends pity me because my hangover lasts for 23 hours
  20. I play lots of beer pong and semi-skinny dip in the Atlantic Ocean with my friends


Dori said...

This is awesome. I wish I had this much fun.

Unknown said...

this stupidity is something that only my 21 year old self could handle. i think my liver would actually implode if i did that now.

Monica said...

hahaha sounds like a successful night!

Unknown said...

i think that would depend on your definition of "success" ha

Unknown said...

you are seriously the funniest person I know! flashback photos are terrifying.

Unknown said...

i'm past the point of even trying to untag myself in unflattering pictures. wait until i post next week's.. it's an amazingly terrible picture. you'll love it.