Sunday, October 24, 2010

my top five

I had a really eventful weekend. I went to hot yoga, and almost puked. I also did a 14.75 mile run and I bought my first ever iron. Oh wait, should we back up a bit to the absurdly long run part? Yea.. I did my first ever run over the half marathon distance and I lived to tell the tale. Actually, when I woke up my first thought was "Heyyy, it'll be nice to not run a half marathon this weekend!" When did I become this crazy person who can run half marathons on a sorta-lark? I've run six half marathons and three of them have been in 2010. Whoa doggy! I've been running pretty consistently recently and I finally feel like it's paying off. I've found that I'm able to maintain a faster pace without wanting to die. I"m not fast, probably never will be, but it's really motivating to know that my body is responding to the hell that I'm putting it through.

Whoa, the dude who played Logan Echolls on Veronica Mars is on this re-run of CSI. Oh sorry, multi-task fail right there..

Recently someone asked me what my top five running accessories are. I'm happy to share, although I'm not the most tech-ed out runner, so these things may be a little "old" or "uncool":

This is more than a website. It's a community of amazingly supportive people. Think of it as Facebook but for exercise enthusiasts and athletes. If you're not a member, you should be. And if you are, you should request to be my friend.
2. A road id pouch. 
My mother is listed as the in case of emergency number. Now if I pass out on the side of the road someone can call her and tell her that I'm unconscious. This should come in handy since she lives over 200 miles away.

 3. Polar Heart Rate Monitor
It's so old that I don't even know/remember the model. It doesn't have any of the fancy shmancy GPS that all the kids are using these days, but it gets the job done!

 4. My brand new iPod shuffle.
It's so teeny that I feel like an ogre trying to use it. I always end up pausing it instead of changing the song of the volume, but I'll get the hang of it. Eventually. I hope.

5. Luna Moons!!
I love love love these things. Sometimes they're a little too chewy and I almost choke, but hey, they come in really good flavors. Sorry to be a tease, but these were actually discontinued (and have been replaced with the Shot Bloks, and I hate them). Luckily I am a member of the Luna running team and I was able to snag some. I am now hoarding them in the trunk of my car and will likely sob when I consume my last moon.


Dori said...

Congrats on 14.75! I have never run farther than half marathon, and you did it a week after the race. Amazing. I love shot blocks. Give them another chance? And obvs I love dailymile. I need to stop puttiong my health insurance # on my RoadIDs. This is the second one I will have to cross out!

Jamie said...

CONGRATS on your race!!!! I need to join The Daily Mile.... friend request coming soon...

Monica said...

hooray for multitasking fail haha

i lost the strap for my polar heart rate monitor thing and i'm really..really sad about it :[

but hooray! i'm glad you're noticing differences with all of the training you've been doing.
you're a running machine, mama!

Unknown said...

thanks dori - i'm pretty shocked that i was able to do it without screaming and writhing in pain. which flavors of shot bloks do you use? maybe i'm just bitter about them discontinuing the moons. i didn't put my health insurance # on mine but now i'm wondering if i should have!

jamie - thanks!! eagerly awaiting the friend request!

monica - you can buy new straps online!i was so sad when mine wasn't working. i felt so lost and empty. well not really, but sort of. and thank you, i do feel a bit bad ass these days!

Betsy said...

Congrats on the long run!!!

Unknown said...

thanks Betsy!