Sunday, October 10, 2010

lessons learned

I came, I saw, I ran.

According to my watch I completed 13.1 miles in 2:31:40, a 10:58 pace. I had high hopes for a PR, but the hills of miles 10-12 seemed to say otherwise. The truth is, between the pain in my knee and a little difficulty breathing (not because I was running too fast, but because I was still a little congested), I didn't have enough energy to attack the hills the way I should have. Maybe I could have pushed myself more, maybe I could have run faster leading up to the hills to give myself more of a cushion. But I didn't, so there's no reason to torture myself with the what-ifs.

I cried when I crossed the finish line. This was partly from relief - the simple act of walking eased the throbbing in my left knee (which, by the way, is my good knee - the one that DOESN'T have a repaired ACL or any screws in it.. curious). I cried mostly because.. I was just so overwhelmed with disappointment. But since then I've had a great lunch, and an even more amazing nap, and my feelings are no longer clouded by pain or exhaustion. So here's are my thoughts about today:

Reasons why I am not disappointed
  1. I ran my heart out
  2. My knee started throbbing (BADLY) at mile 8, but I did not stop running
  3. I was not feeling my best and dealing with the lingering effects of a chest cold
  4. I was in good enough shape that I was able to decide to run this race on September 15 (3 weeks and 5 days before race day) and still completed it.
  5. With the exception of a couple of water stops, I ran the entire race
  6. I did my longest pre-race training run ever (12 miles!) 
  7. I was able to eat the most delicious homemade meat sauce with a good friend the night before
  8. I ran my second-fastest half marathon (this was my fifth)
  9. I made my daddy proud (he told me so! actually he told me several times as i was blubbering into the phone)

Reasons why I am disappointed:
  1. I did not PR (by 47 seconds)

According to my list, I have nothing to be ashamed or disappointed about. The positives about my training and performance mean a lot more than my time. Mark my words, I WILL PR. Maybe not in my next half marathon, but someday. That's a promise.


Dori said...

You did GREAT! You are recovering from the sickies and that sucks, and you STILL had your second fastest time.

Your next half will be better!

LA Idiot said...

Nice work! Running 13 miles, no matter the time, is nothing to sneeze at.

Mary McManus said...

Amen to the other comments girl -- so glad you were able to all the positives. I hope some day I'll be able to watch you cross a finish line - and perhaps on the day you set that PR! Have a much deserved good night's sleep

Jamie said...

That is AWESOME! Running a half marathon is a huge accomplishment- even more so when you're recovering from injury!!!

Monica said...

Gah! I still can't describe how proud I am of you every single time you run a race! (Is that creepy? Cause I don't care, haha).

We already talked about your PR dilemma, and I'm proud of you no matter what, but for you to have run the race after having been sick, etc, you kicked ass. I I said, you finished a race. Period. Most people can't even do that. Shit I don't think I could run a mile without stopping if I tried today.
But that's either here nor there. You're amazing, and if you came THAT close to your PR with all those speed bumps, then you can look forward to the next race when you DON'T have those things involved and you DO conquer your PR :]

Love ya lady!

Every Little Thing said...

you did an amazing thing that SO MANY PEOPLE can't, won't, and will never accomplish. you're awesome!

Unknown said...

you are all so fantastic - thank you for the support! i think i just need to mope a little bit before realizing that i am incredibly proud of myself for what i did, even if it wasn't my fastest race time!

Betsy said...

any race you finish is a success!