Thursday, September 30, 2010

sort-of review: exhale midtown

I had the pleasure of spending a whooole 24 hours in New York. I coordinated an event so, my boss sent me to supervise aka attempt to single-handedly eat an entire side of roasted turkey from the carving station. Afterwards I enjoyed the decadence that are FRIED PICKLES. I don't even understand how I have gone 26 years without having ever tasted fried pickles. Now that I've had them, I don't know if my life will ever be the same. I tried to convince the waitress to put fried Snickers bars on the menu because that's also a life goal of mine..

So when I told my friend Dori that I was coming to New York and wanted to try a class at Exhale Midtown, she was able to procure a pass for me. I'm not going to write a normal "review" because, honestly, I don't pay enough attention to describe everything in detail. But, here are some things that I really noticed (and liked):

1. Because of the rain there were only six people in the class. This allowed the instructor, Braxton, to devote a lot of time to explaining and correcting our form. I really enjoyed (and needed) that!

2. The studio was really big and very airy! It made me realize how tiny the Boston studio is in comparison.

3. The music was awesome. Braxton's mix included Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom! and We Built This City and I really love random (slightly crappy) music.

4. The mats were honestly the best I've ever used. I wanted to take one and use it for a nap mat in my office. So plush. So comfortable. I'm sad I had to leave them behind.

5. The staff was SO friendly. We had a hliarious conversation about red-headed men who wear their hair slicked back in pony tails. Ok, maybe I lead that conversation, but they played along and indulged me by laughing and not rolling their eyes.


Jamie said...

FRIED PICKLES! Screw sides, I could eat those by the platter.

Monica said...

woman, had i known you've never had fried pickles until now, i would've made it my mission to get you some. but now that you've been shown the light, my job is much easier.

i wish i could afford to go to the exhale in atlanta just to check it out. it sounds so amazing and i feel like i would fall in love with it. but alas, i will have to lust a bit longer!

Dori said...

LOVE your review. So funny that you talked to the front desk people about . . . slicked back redheads? Okay then! Glad they were nice. The room there is so nice, the only time I am ever OK with rain is when I lay in savasana and watch it hit the skylight in that room. So peaceful.

I liked Braxton when I took her and I remember liking her music too. Will have to get to her class again. So glad you liked it.

And Monica - You can get an unlimited week for $40. So worth it if you go more than once!

Unknown said...

jamie - i could too. and then i'd have to get to work on a fork lift. but i think it'd be worth it..

monica - they often do deals on ruelala and whatnot, you should try it out. i think you'd LOVE it. come to boston and eat fried pickles with me?

dori - yea, it came up because my lulu top has a cutout in the back for my ponytail and then we got onto the subject of people who wear slicked back pony tails and then redheads.. i don't even know... i'm weird.