Tuesday, September 28, 2010

not again

I had a lot of fun on Saturday night.

I finally met Elizabeth, one of my longtime livejournal (don't judge me!) and twitter friends. The night got a little dodgy when we found ourselves in the middle of a huge dude-fight. My way to ease the tension and testosterone? TEQUILA SHOTS. And lots of them. Obviously. The only way to calm down everyone was to make friends with  Jose (or one his cheaper, vomit-inducing friends). Some parts of the night are fuzzy. I remember booty dancing. I remember drunk tweeting. I remember texting my friend, "you know what's cool? tequila." and "drInkin". I remember forging my friend's signature because she left her tab open when she left the bar.

Thankfully, I had a designated driver to take me home. I say thankfully because this is when things start to get fuzzy. I remember leaving the bar. And then all of a sudden I was in my apartment. I am putting my key in the door and it. isn't. working. It's 2am and all I want to do is drunk eat the hell out of a turkey sandwich and pass out. And then finally, a single moment of sobriety.

I am in the wrong apartment building.

See.. my apartment building has a twin right next door. It looks exactly the same. My key even works and lets me into the vestibule. I wish I could say that this is the first time something like this had happened, but.. it's not.

I think I may start wearing an "If lost please return to...." tag.


Dori said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This is funny enough as it is, but the fact that it's happened before takes it to a whole other level.

Unknown said...

does it help my case that the first time it happened i was a senior in college and living in a totally different neighborhood? yeaa.. didn't think so.

Monica said...

oh man, hahahaha. that's perfect. i've done similar things many, many times before, so don't have any shame!

Unknown said...

i have very little shame these days... :)

Elizabeth said...

hahaha. oh man. well once we left i might have made out with a stranger in the middle of the sidewalk who tried to get himself invited back to our hotel room. i spent the cab ride home slumped in the corner while val took pictures of me. GOOD TIMES.