Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i said good day sir!

Do you know that I've been living in New England since 2002 and I've never been to Maine? That is, until this past weekend. Six of us made the trek two hours north to Vacationland. I didn't make that name up, by the way, it was on the sign on I-95N as we crossed from New Hampshire to Maine. Weird. The reason for our trip was to watch miss Julia kick some major ass at the Lobsterman Triathlon. I'm not the one who participated in the race so I won't gloat too much, but yeah.. I'm friends with the chick who won her division. It makes me feel bad ass to be friends with someone like that. It's almost like I won too except, you know, I was sitting on the grass eating instead of swimming, biking and running.

I made a lot of friends this weekend.. one happened to be the Lobsterman. Sadly, however, he doesn't know that he's now my best friend and that I've plastered the internet with pictures of me skulking next to him.. Maybe one day!

I also ate my second lobster. Yes, EVER. I grew up in New York, my diet for the first 20 years of my life consisted of bagels and pizza. It's why I stayed so svelte (not!). I realized that if you play dumb one of your experienced friends will inevitably crack your lobster open for you. This is exactly what I did, thanks mom, I mean Hilary! Had I not been lazy, I never would have had her say to me "You rub my back.. I'll rub yours". Erm, Hil, wrong phrase there but we'll go with it.

We decided to venture out to some bars in Brunswick and thank goodness we did. Had we stayed home and gotten wasted off of wine we never would have made friends with the ultimate frisbee team from Nova Scotia. And what a loss that would have been (actually being serious here). So when they told us to show up to their tournament the next morning, obviously we went. When they yelled "SHIRTS OFF, IN A PILE!" I couldn't help but snap a creepster picture.

Don't be all that surprised if I one day start writing about a road trip to Nova Scotia.


Princess Malphaba said...

Yay Maine!!!! Glad you survived the lobster ventures! You obviously should come back and play tourist some more, it's one of my favorite past times!

Monica said...

Now I want to go to Maine, dammit.

Hooray for lobster and lobsterman and sexy half-naked hotties!

Unknown said...

mal - i'd love to come back, it's so pretty up there! and the outlets aren't that bad either :)

monica - come to boston and we'll drive up to maine!!