Monday, August 9, 2010

thank god for AIM

reason #4854982 why I thank God that the internet was created.. so my mother and I could have conversations like this:

me:      how long were you in labor with me?
mom:   16 hrs home and another 16 in the hosp
me:      and you didn't have an epidural right?
mom:   yes for only a small portion of labor  but not for 2-3 hrs before pushing
me:      was i born close to my due date?
mom:   i think 2 days late
me:      family time
me:      always a little late to the game
mom:   yup
me:      childbirth seems like it sucks
mom:   it pays off in most cases  lol
me:      what about for you?
mom:   hmmmm...

(approximately 3 minutes later..)

mom:  absolutely
me:     that is the correct answer
me:     do all babies come out disgusting and gushy looking?
mom:  no, mine didnt
me:     we were all beautiful and perfect?
mom:  white all over
mom:  and hairy ears lol
me:     well thankfully those hairs fell out
me:     i have enough trouble finding dates, let alone adding hairy ears to the mix
mom:  lol


PhillyGirlRuns said...


that is all.

j. said...

that's really the only appropriate response when it comes to a conversation with my mother!