Thursday, August 5, 2010

studio livin'

So I'm alive. I feel like I write that a lot lately. I think it probably means that I'm taking way too many life-breaks and am not blogging nearly enough! I (barely) survived the move. Nothing like moving in the dead of summer. Never again, I tell you. It was 90+ degrees and my dad and I had to take all my worldly possessions up two flights of stairs. My mother "supervised" due to an arm injury (and let's be honest, she wouldn't have done much lifting anyway). In case you were wondering, this involved her sitting in the air conditioned truck and making sure that it didn't get ticketed or towed. This led to my father and I feeling incredibly bitter and sore and maybe yelling at her that she wasn't allowed to eat dinner with us.

Don't worry, we relented and let her sit at the table (and yes, she ate).

My mom also informed me that the next time I move it will be to live with my husband or boyfriend. I wonder if she knows something that I don't?

I wanted to share some pictures of the new apartment because I've gotten some requests for that, and because DAMNIT I've worked hard and managed to move, unpack and assemble a crap-ton (official term) of IKEA furniture in a mere five days. There's still some work to be done (pictures to be hung, a kitchen table to be bought) but for all intents and purposes.. here's my apartment!


AtlYankeeBelle said...

:( idk how to look at all the pictures... i think im just stupid lol

j. said...

If you just click on the top picture it should go to the next and so on. if it doesn't work just send me your email address and i'll send them to you!

dogimo said...

I love the photo widget album! I clicked through, and then I clicked through and then I just kept clicking like it was a flip-book of animation cells!

Not quite a success, artistically, as an animation. But a cute place, and that's the main thing!

J., no such thing as too many life-breaks (re: "not blogging enough").

live first: blog second.

Otherwise, what you blog is probably going to come off a little, I don't know, lifeless!

j. said...

you're right - i should probably live my life so i have funny stories to share with you all!

september is going to be very busy and i'm hoping to have some hilarious and memorable stories to share :)

Betsy said...

I love it!

j. said...

thanks betsy!